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'Infidel atheists' get Conservative approval despite not loving baby jesus.

Brian Pollister, Manitoba PC Leader wishes a Happy Holiday to everyone - even the dirty atheists. 

Sweetie, pack up the tree and toss it out. This is an atheist Christmas, after all!  The time of year to celebrate NOTHING!

"…happy holiday. All you infidel atheists, out there, I want to wish you the best, also. I’m not sure what you celebrate, during the holiday season. I, myself, celebrate the birth of christ but it’s your choice and I respect your choice. If you wish to celebrate nothing and get together with your friends, that’s good too.” 

Ignorant much?

What a good pal, to be so accepting of us. Especially considering his entire holiday season is dedicated to baby jesus and if you’re not thinking of baby jesus at Christmas, you’re NOT celebrating Christmas. 

Granted, this man is out of Manitoba and I’m not sure that the province actually exists or was just made up to fill in a useless, empty expanse of Canada but seriously…

Dear Winter,

Considering the less than friendly nature of our most recent correspondence, I believe that a meritorious act, when committed, is worth recognizing.

Thank you for finally realizing that the party is over and beginning to collect your things to leave. You have been the most unpleasant guest we have had in recent years and I would like to formally disinvite you to next year’s party.

Better late than never, I guess…



The thing about having a husky is that we will be forever at odds as to what constitutes great weather…

An open letter to any woman who behaves like a real housewife of anything:

Though you reside in a social sphere of what some would consider upper class, marrying rich and acting like you achieved something, is most certainly not.

When it comes down to brass tacks and considering the staff you have to “handle” your children, your only real responsibility, on this planet, is to “service” your husband (gotta keep the jewelry coming), talk about hats and lament the annoyances of the poor with your other vapid friends and finally, keep high end clothing stores in business.

This does not entitle you to strut through the street like the cock of the walk who just invented a cure for cancer.

Everything you have has been provided by someone else, you have no remarkable achievements of your own and outside of your circle of empty souled cronies, no one is impressed by your sense of entitlement.

While in public, please keep your opinion to yourself so that I don’t have to make you cry as well.  This also applies to men who behave in the same manner.

Another GI Joe?

The last GI Joe movie resembled the original comic book about as closely as redoing the Agent Provrovocateur catalogue with no other model than Ron Jeremy.

Domestic gross revenue was $25 million less than it’s budget.

Watching it could make you feel more violated than being the party favour at an evening themed - Sex, Indulgence and The Crying Game.

Still, they make another one and this time, Channing brought all of his formerly A-List but now B-List friends.

Channing Tatum would be much more entertaining starring in a fire rather than ruining one of my childhood joys any further.

Well, hello weekend. Why don’t you saddle up to me and let’s get to know each other a little better.

Well, hello weekend. Why don’t you saddle up to me and let’s get to know each other a little better.

Lessons I Learned At The Hospital: The sperm bank does not, “accept, nor appreciate,” unscheduled donations brought from home, wether you use the good zip lock bags or not.

It’s All About Popularity

The difference between being labeled a cult member or religious is the number of people who will back up your fairy tales.